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New to this community

As the title says, I am new to this community. I have been making cakes and such for friends for a few years now, and along the way it evolved, and blossomed into a home business. My cakes started out quite rough looking (IMO, though my friends would tell you otherwise...I'll share some of them later, and you can decide! *lol*) and tasting amazing, to starting to look as good as they taste.

I must admit though, I have become quite the anti-sweets person since I started all this! I am no longer the person who suggests we split a dessert, or have dessert at all! And when I do want something sweet, I generally want only a bite of something, and that something better NOT be cake! *lol*

I have taken loads of classes over the last year for decorating, and have loved every second of them. Tomorrow I am taking a class that is being taught by Lauren Kitchens, owner of Fancy Cakes by Lauren. She has one one Food Network Challenge, and places second in another.
The class she is teaching is on muppetizing someone in cake. Mercifully she is also local, and friends of my friends. So maybe I can coax other info from her later on! *lol*

In the mean time, here's a few pictures of cakes spanning from the 'not so pretty' stage, and up to the most recent:

a bi-level cake of heart-shaped cake. Roughly iced with violet and drop flowers in lavender (an early cake)

Jedi training ball cupcakes (early)

and the light saber cake that accompanied the cupcakes (early)

My 30th Birthday cake. I made this with two friends, and we had a blast with it!

"Warehouse Mouse" and Hockey cake for my nephew...don't the 3 year old linked the two is beyond me! I just made the cake! *lol*

A cake I made for a Christmas party.

This is a falling Cherry Blossom cake I made for a client

And finally, a beach-themed cake I made for a client. This also marked my first ever use of modeling chocolate!

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